5 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Use Coconut Oil For

It probably won’t come as a surprise to hear that coconut oil is beneficial for many health purposes. We all can use coconut oil as a replacement for butter or olive oil to prepare dinner, right? And of course it’s also no secret how it’s a good, natural product to take off your makeup. But did you know there are many more ways to use coconot oil, for you….and your pets?

Apply after shaving for smooth skin
Our skin can become irritated for a number of different reasons, but red bumps or itchy skin after shaving is probably the most common. Instead of applying lotions, which often contain parabens, perfumes and sometimes even chemicals that will only irritate the skin more. Coconut oil is 100% natural and because it doesn’t contain any added ingredients, it will not irritate your skin. It actually helps soothe the skin as coconut oil is quickly absorbed and doesn’t stick or leave you with greasy skin. Super easy and quick, as you won’t have to wait long to get dressed after applying coconut oil!

Use as a hairmask
I’ve written about the benefits of coconut oil for your hair before. There’s only one type of oil that will truly repair  damaged hair. You guessed it, coconut oil! It’s got everything to do with the way the oil actually penetrates into the hair shaft, instead of just laying a shiny coat of oil on top of it. Coconut oil, unlike populair Marrocan oils or argan oils, really gets absorbed by the hair. Read more about using coconut oil as a hairmask here.

Use as your daily moisturizer
You can use coconut oil on a cotton pad to take of your makeup, but afterwards, you can also use a tiny amount of oil to massage into your skin. Especially in the morning! Coconut oil is a great alternative for your daily moisturizer, as coconut oil melts on the skin as soon as you apply it, without leaving any kind of residues. It easily seeps into the skin pores, moisturizing deeply and thoroughly.

Pet Health
Did you know coconut oil is great for your pet’s health? I apply a bit of coconut oil onto my dogs fur before brusing them. They’re so shiny amd the hairs of my little dog (check out that cute furry hairball here) don’t tangle as quickly. Also, I give both my dogs a spoon of coconut oil mixed into their food every day. They love it! It improves the health of dogs’ skin and coat. Coconut oil can also help their digestion, joint health and improve their breath. Last but not least, it’s a great natural way to soothe their (sometimes) dry noses!

Sunburns and rashes
When you’ve got a rash or a sunburn, your skin is very irritated. The last thing you want to do is apply a product that will irritate it even more! That’s why all natural products are best. Since coconut oil promotes collagen production, it can help repair skin cells, meaning that irritated skin, small cuts and rashes will heal faster. The antibacterial properties make coconut oil ideal for preventing infection in small cuts and irritated areas. Use it on your skin to help sooth sunburn and prevent peeling.

Did you know that coconut oil was beneficial for all of these things? If you’re using coconut oil for other purposes, do share in the comment section 😀

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Luxury For Princess – Before And After!

Drastic before-after pictures are my fave, especially when it comes to hair extensions. I’ve been loving Luxury For Princess hair extensions for years now and whenever I feel like changing up my ‘do I easily clip in my hair extensions. This set I’m going to show you below is the 260 grams set in Golden Brown, 22 inches long. Every time I open a new package I’m amazed at how long, shiny and thick the hair is from root to tips. Keep on reading to get to know more!

This set is my favorite, as it is not the longest and thickest set they have (they go up to 320 grams!) so it matches my thin hair best. The color is a pretty good match too. My hair is a little darker in some places because I have multiple high and lowlights. The hair extensions are made of various different shades so they blend in so easily. They do have a very golden, warm glow to them. I really love that, but my own hair is a little less golden. Even with my short bob they blend in nicely and  I personally think they look very natural.

I can’t wait to curl these long locks for a great party look. That’s the best part of these Remy human hair extensions, you can wash, curl, dye the hair like you would with your own hair. And they clip in and out of your hair in just a minute. Check out the photo’s below, and make sure to use discount code malu5 at checkout for a sweet discount on your own hair extensions ♥

Small Things You Can Do To Exercise More

Excercising… To most people that doesn’t sound like music to their ears. So many people spend the day sitting behind a desk, wether it’s at school or at work, so a little exercise here and there often loses out. As summer is around the corner and we all want to get more fit and healthy, take a seat (oops!) and read through some tips below on small things you can do to get more exercise out of your day.

Take your (or someone else’s) dog for a walk
Dogs are not just the best pets and man’s best friend… they keep you fit too! If you already have a dog, go for a walk more often. Your dog will love you for it and both you and your dog will get more exercise. If you don’t have dog of your own, ask your friends or neighbours to walk their dog. The best and most fun way to walk an extra mile!

Take the stairs
This one seems so obvious, yet so many people choose to take the elevator instead of the stairs. Sure you don’t have to walk 8 floors by stairs, but at least a few steps will provide a good work out! Walking stairs is great for your lower and upper legs and it easily gets your heart rate up, especially if you take a sprint. 

Skip the car and take the bike
Help the environment and your health at once by taking the car less often. For shorter distances, the bike is a great alternative to get you from A to B. Cycling is not only a great work out for your legs, a bit of cycling out in the sun and fresh air is also gonna make you feel relaxed and refreshed! 

Go for lunch outside
If your job requires you to sit (inside!) all day, make sure to avoid eating your lunch while sitting down, too. Instead, go for a walk outside while you eat your sandwhich or walk even farther with colleagues and have lunch somewhere else, You’ll probably have to pick up the pace to be back in time again, so you’ll turn your lunch break into a small work out.

Park farther than you need to
If you do want to take the car, don’t stress over trying to get the closest possible spot to your destination. Instead, park farther away than you need to.  You’ll get in some extra walking on your way to work or the grocery store. 

Take calls standing up
If you spend a lot of time on the phone at work, or talking to your friends for hours, use that time to get off your chair and stretch your legs. Walk around or go up and down the stairs… You can spend that time talking much better than just sitting down!

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Editor’s Look | Patched Bomber Jacket

The most perfect jacket for the spring has got to be the bomber jacket. A patched bomber jacket is my personal favorite, as it adds something fun to your look. I have been wearing this one nonstop lately. In my opinion it looks great with skinny jeans for a casual look, but I’ve also been wearing it  a lot with slouchy trousers for a mix of chic and casual with a sporty vibe!

What I love most about this jacket is that it looks cool when I wear it zipped up or open like this, as it shows the orange lining. And the patches make this look a lot more fun and playful. I can also see myself wearing it in the colder summer days with a maxi dress and sneakers. See why it’s such a versatile piece? I especially like bomber jackets in black or army green, but those satin ones would look amazing and a bit more fancy in rose gold.

What do you think of how I styled my bomber jacket? Let me know in the comments.

 ComeGetFashion Bomber jacket | H&M top | H&M jeans | H&M sneakers | Michael Kors bag

Posted by Malu Swartjes on 25 April 2017

The 10 Best Budget Highlighters For Spring


It’s spring, so that means it is time for a touch of shimmer to make our best features stand out. The sun reflecting from the highlight on your cheekbones is what most beauty lovers live for. If you’re one of them, keep on reading because this article is all about the best highlighters for the spring – the best budget highlighters that is!

Why splurge on a highighter like the infamous Becca Champagne Pop highligter when there are amazing other brands for less than 15 euros? These cheap but definitely not less impressing highligters are worth trying. Is your favorite in this top 10?

Maybelline Master Strobing Stick €8,99
The Maybelline strobing stick became super populair when it was used on the models of Holland’s Next Top Model. The make up artist advised to apply this by using your fingers, which goes for most cream highlighters.

Milani Strobelight Instant Glow Powder – €13,50
This stunner is a great dupe of the Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter by The Balm Cosmetics, except it’s almost half the cost of the more high end version.

Rimmel Good To Glow highlighter – €9,49
Another great highlighter by Rimmel is the Good To Glow Highlighter. This one is rather runny so it applies best with a damp beauty blender or another type of make up sponge.

W7 Make-up Night Glow Highlight & Illuminate €4,99
Don’t mistake these highlighting drops for nailpolish – this illuminator is an amazing, buildable highlighter that looks great under your foundation or on top for that extra shimmer.

Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter – Gold Addict €4,95
The Gold Addict highlighter from Makeup Revolution is a great lookalike of MAC’s Soft & Gentle highlighter. The golden glow looks amazing on sun-tanned skin!

Makeup Revolution Ultra Pro Glow €11,95
Want to have something to choose? Splurge just over a little of 10 euros on a great highlighting pallette from Makeup Revolution. It contains 8 shades in cool and warm tones, which makes it suitable for any skin color.

I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts Highlighter Goddess of Faith €6,00
Are you looking for the perfect pocket size highlighter to glow up your cheekbones, eyebrow bones and cupid’s bow? This small heart shaped highlighter is ideal for beautylovers on the go.
Makeup Revolution Vivid Shimmer Brick Radiant €5,95
Another high-end lookalike, this time of the Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Bricks. This brick-like pallette from Makeup Revolution contains several shimmery colors which will leave your face with the most stunning glow.

Sleek Barekissed Illuminator & Highlighter Monaco €11,95
This Sleek highlighter is another one that applies best with a damp beauty blender. This one’s very subtle but definitely buildable for a more glamorous look.

LA Girl Velvet Contour Highlighter Stick Radiance €3,95
The biggest budget buy of them all: the LA Girl Verlvet highighter stick! This creamy highlighter is great to apply with your fingers for a shiny glow on your cheeks. It’s smooth enough to also blend with a fan brush.

Posted by Malu Swartjes on  14 April 2017

Editor’s Look | Sporty Vibes

If you’ve seen my latest outfits here on BLES Magazine, you know my style isn’t exactly anything sporty… But I’ve been secretly loving the combination of leather caps and sneakers combined with chic and more feminine items! I started wearing the cap because I needed a quick fix for my bad hairday last week, as well as a little protection from the sun.. It’s ideal! If I need to run some quick errands or if I dont feel like wearing make up, this cap is a great solution. So here’s how I’ve been styling it lately: bring on the sporty vibes!

Comfy pants like these look quite formal and chic, but because they’re so loose fitted and made out of light material, they’re like pajamas! I now have 3 of pairs of these trousers and I have been wearing them a lot lately, instead of skintight skinny jeans or biker leggings. I like to wear them with a plain t-shirt, a blazer or bomber jacket and sneakers. Always combined with a chic handbag. To me it’s the perfect combination of chic and casual.

Let me know what you think in the comments, and be prepared for more looks like these 😙

Berschka trousers | Zara T-shirt | Primark trenchcoat | Elisestore sneakers | Topshop bag | Michael Kors watch | H&M cap

Posted by Malu Swartjes on 07 April 2017

The Coolest Unicorn Musthaves!

Nobody knows where the hype came from, but somehow everything unicorn became popular in 2016 and now in 2017, there’s no stopping the unicorn trend anymore! Unicorn hair, phone cases, make up brushes, rings… The unicorn itself but especially unicorn colors are hot and happeing now, which is why we can’t lag behind on this trend no more. Let’s embrace the girly girl colors, the crazyness and the dreamy world of magical unicorns… Here are the coolest unicorn items!

Discover all the must-haves that feature unicorns and most importantly: have fun with it! Make sure to share your opinion on the unicorn trend in the comments below.. What do you think, yay or nay?

Wildfox Crop top

Beauty bay make up brushes set
Smoko Light up slippers

Asos make up bag
Forver21 crop top

Primark unicorn onesie

H&M travel mug
Etsy Glitter coffee mug

3D unicorn nails

Unicorn colored hair

Target Air freshener

Dollskill Phone case

H&M T-shirt

Posted by Malu Swartjes on 08 April 2017